mobile ordering for theatres

Mobile Ordering For Cinemas and Theatres

Film fans all around the world are slowly being introduced to more luxurious, personalised, and unique cinema experiences. From comfy sofas, cocktail bars and diverse menu options, to drive-in and outdoor screens. The cinema market is going above and beyond to provide new and exciting guest experiences.

For many consumers, seat service is part of the luxury cinema experience. So why not give your customers the option to bypass queues and order their food and drinks from the comfort of their seat.

How many more orders would your cinema receive if your guests had the power to browse your menus, order and pay from their own device, any time they chose?

wi-Q offers the most comprehensive in-cinema mobile ordering experience, fully-integrated with Vista and Veezi, leading software providers to cinemas around the world. Therefore, if your venue uses Vista or Veezi, wi-Q can be rapidly deployed, and your customers can start enjoying seamless F&B ordering from the comfort of their seat – without downloading another mobile app.

For theatres, wi-Q helps to maximise pre-show and interval sales by providing a convenient alternative to queuing for refreshments. With instant access to web-based software, theatre-goers are able to browse the menu, pre-order and pay for food and drink from their mobile device so it is ready to enjoy at the beginning of the interval. Customers can either be notified of a collection point or get service at their seat if that option is provided by the venue.

wi-Q instantly places ordering and payment capabilities in the hands of your customers through any Internet-enabled device. With no app to download, your customers can access your unique, branded mobile ordering platform in seconds to select their choice of food and drink, preventing the chaos of queuing in the main foyer and keeping waiting times to a minimum. Even if you don’t provide delivery, you can be in control of order collection points to minimise overcrowding and enforce social distancing.

As a web-based solution, wi-Q’s mobile ordering solution mitigates development costs allowing for a fully branded, customisable system to be implemented with minimal capital expenditure and can be integrated with existing EPoS systems. Critically, 100% of the revenue is yours; wi-Q has no order or transaction fees, just a simple monthly SaaS fee.

Real-time management enables you to plan customer incentives, show event-specific menus, and have full control over how and when guests interact with your menus. Your wi-Q solution is shaped around your business, however that looks.

For more information on Wi-Q’s solution for cinemas and theatres, view this demo or get in touch.