Cloud-Based Mobile Ordering For Stadiums

As a hub for a variety of sports and entertainment events, the opportunities for stadium hospitality are in a league of their own, but is your POS system making the most of them?

wi-Q’s HTML cloud-based software enables mobile ordering for stadiums – without forcing fans to download an app

Wi-Q’s HTML cloud-based software has been carefully designed and developed to give the hospitality sector more control when engaging with customers; boosting revenue, maximising efficiency, preventing queues and improving customer experience.

Accessed via Wi-Fi, Wi-Q instantly places ordering and payment capabilities in the hands of your customers through their mobile devices. Unlike the high maintenance of an app, there is no need for fans to download and register. Instead, they have instant access to select their choice of food and drink from their seat, preventing the chaos of queuing during half time or intervals and keeping waiting times to a minimum. Even if you don’t provide delivery, you can be in control of order collection points to minimise overcrowding and to alleviate undue pressure on your staff.

As a web-based solution, Wi-Q’s mobile ordering solution mitigates development costs allowing for a fully branded, customisable system to be implemented with little or no capital expenditure and integrated with your existing stadium EPoS systems. Updates are also straightforward, allowing for interactive communication that is event specific, whether it’s to promote future events, enable language-specific menus and even show where the nearest toilets are with the shortest queues.