queue busting solutions

Queue Busting Solutions

without a mobile ordering app


1. Eliminate queuing

A long queue is a depressing sight. Almost three-quarters of customers will abandon their purchases if they have to queue for longer than five minutes. Let Wi-Q reduce your queue by placing the ordering and payment capability in your customers’ hands meaning you never lose an order again. With no app to download and an attractive, simple to use interface, your customers just connect, order and pay using their mobile device.

2. Convenience for your customers

Customers expect to be able to use their mobile devices for their transactions. With Wi-Q, whether your customer is at home, already in your venue, waiting for the performance to start, or even laying by the pool, they can place their order with you and pay, with no need to join a queue or wait for service. What could be more convenient than that?

3. Put a smile back on everyone’s face

Get in touch and see how Wi-Q is revolutionising the hospitality and catering industries. Our experience is that both customers and staff love Wi-Q. Venues who use Wi-Q have reported consistently positive customer feedback. Staff are liberated from the ordering and payment process, enabling them to enhance the customer experience.


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