wi-Q introduces a new way to pay with Tola MobilePay

wi-Q introduces a new way to pay with Tola MobilePay

tola mobile pay

We are proud to announce that we have added International mobile payment service, Tola MobilePay to our growing list of partners and payment options for wi-Q and Mi-Room. Both of our cloud-based mobile ordering solutions can now charge items to the customers’ phone bill – saving them the hassle of entering credit card details or billing addresses.

What is Tola MobilePay?

“Tola provides a frictionless, fast convenient payment method across all major networks allowing for alternative payments. The service is effective in hospitality environments, as time wasted means opportunities lost. Hand in hand with wi-Q, Tola MobilePay provides a fast, secure and convenient way to improve customer experience and reduce the hassle normally associated with processing payments.” adds Shane Leahy.

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Tola MobilePay allows customers to pay for goods and services online using their mobile phone. When a user reaches a payment screen, they simply enter their mobile number to receive a PIN via SMS. They enter the PIN and then the charge appears on their mobile phone bill. There’s no need to enter cumbersome credit card details or billing addresses, and no redirections required, meaning customers stay on a company’s site and everything stays within their branding. The business will receive the money seamlessly through Tola’s integration with O2, EE and Vodafone. You can read a full breakdown of the features here. 

Tola MobilePay
Image source: Tola MobilePay 2017

“As wi-Q is not a native app, it can be accessed, in most cases, within ten seconds and only three keystrokes, with no need to use up valuable device memory or real estate, whilst empowering customers to pre or live-order and re-order their choices from a menu and finally check out using their own device from the comfort of their seat, removing the need to wait or queue.” comments Shane Leahy, CEO of Tola Mobile.

Learn more

If you would like to learn more about wi-Q or Mi-Room you can get in touch with one our team here. Both of our cloud-based mobile ordering solutions are available for a low cost, SaaS pricing model and can produce an instant ROI.

  • Instant access – without having to download an app
  • Multiple language capabilities
  • Advanced product filtering
  • Full nutritional and allergen information
  • Various payment methods – including PayPal and charge to room
  • Integration with common hospitality systems – including Oracle Hospitality

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