What is web-based mobile ordering?

What is web-based mobile ordering?

Atlantis Hotel web based Mobile Ordering

What is web-based mobile ordering?

Web-based mobile ordering allows your customers to browse, order and pay for your products or services, without having to download a dedicated native mobile ordering app.

The technology gives your customers access to your mobile ordering menu – typically in less than 10 seconds – via the internet browser on their smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop.

Access to the menu can be restricted to your in-venue Wi-Fi, or it can be opened up to include access via 3G / 4G connection. Opening up this option allows your customers to pre-order.

Much like a website, your web-based mobile ordering solution can be fully brand customised, include a variety of payment options and integrate into existing hospitality EPOS and PMS.

If you do not have an existing EPOS or PMS in place, your web-based mobile ordering menu can be linked to a smart printer. Any orders placed will then print out immediately.

How does web-based mobile ordering work?

  1. Your mobile ordering menu is hosted in the cloud. The full menu, including images and prices, is uploaded manually or pulled from your existing EPOS or PMS.
  2. Your logos, colours and branding are incorporated, giving you your own web-based mobile ordering solution.
  3. Your preferred payment options are selected from a wide variety of options including credit/debit card, cash, charge to mobile, charge to room or via an internet provider such as PayPal.
  4. We provide you with our Best Practices document and marketing brochure, helping you to promote and optimise the delivery of your solution – maximising revenue.
  5. You introduce and train your employees on the new technology with the help of our dedicated, gamified learning management system.
  6. You continue to benefit from wi-Q Technologies award-winning solutions, as they integrate and incorporate additional emerging technologies such as conversational commerce – allowing your customers to eventually ‘Speak their order’.


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