REPORT: Adapting to mobile ordering amid Covid-19

REPORT: Adapting to mobile ordering amid Covid-19


The doors may have reopened but we have entered a different world of hospitality – one that has become even more reliant on digital technology.

Take a look at our latest report: ‘COVID-19 and the need to adapt to mobile ordering – fast!’


  • How wi-Q’s mobile ordering technology can be the solution to some of your challenges as you rebuild your hospitality business post-lockdown.
  • How long it takes to form a new habit and how this will impact your customers’ expectations.
  • The impact of mobile ordering on order value, operational efficiency and increase in orders. The statistics speak for themselves…
  • The importance of offering your customers a “touchless” experience
  • Ways to cope with less waiting staff.
  • How your business can adapt for the future, not just today.