How can mobile ordering work in your high-end hospitality venue?

How can mobile ordering work in your high-end hospitality venue?


It is no secret that a high-end service is expected when guests pay a premium to experience the luxury of visiting an upmarket hospitality venue. 

Such establishments, however, have not been left out from the effects of covid. In fact, high-end establishments have struggled to adapt even more so than other venues, who have been able to pivot to take-out and delivery services throughout lockdowns and restrictions.

Since reopening, everything from physical waiter service to restaurant layout and digital operations has changed. As a result, the more traditional customer service elements often present in high-end establishments have been affected, and the danger of a less-memorable dining experience has been presented.

Fortunately for fine dining restaurant owners, consumer expectations have evolved. Guests are far more inclined to support new digital operations and services, such as mobile ordering, that aid a covid-friendly environment. 

According to a Go technology report, in Q1 2020 8% of diners said they used mobile ordering, by Q2 that was up to 25.9% and in 2021 43% of customers regularly use their own device to order and pay. That number rises to almost two thirds in 18 to 34 year-olds.


So, how can your venue ensure an up-market mobile experience?

Train your staff in line with your digital offering

Ensure your restaurant staff are trained in line with your new operations, and they compliment and champion your new services. Encourage them to show guests how to use the platform and highlight the benefits of ordering through mobile.

Go the extra mile

Make sure your mobile experience goes the extra mile to impress guests. Tailor your mobile menu to your brand, style and messaging. Your offline and online experience should flow seamlessly together.

For tips talk to your wi-Q Account Manager.

Throw in a few surprises

Surprise your guests with unique dishes and experiences only available on your mobile menu. For example, introduce a cocktail of the week or dish of the day to your promotions on your mobile menu. Over time you will also be able to personalise each guest experience to their tastes and preferences.

Check out how the innovative fine-dining restaurant Six By Nico transformed its offering by launching the Home By Nico series in the first lockdown. Every month their online, six-course tasting menu changes based on different culinary traditions around the world.

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Make payment easy

Eliminate one of the most significant pain points in hospitality… waiting to for the bill. Instead, allow your customers to simply order and pay at their own convenience by introducing a range of payment methods tied into your new mobile ordering platform.

Appreciate and reward loyal customers

Use valuable customer insights, including guest habits and frequent orders to tailor the guest experience and reward your most loyal customers.


Communicate the message

Let customers know they can browse, order and pay for F&B services before they arrive and at every touchpoint in your restaurant. Including:

  • The venue’s website and social channels
  • Upon arrival to the restaurant with sleek marketing messaging and well-positioned QR codes
  • At the dining table, cocktail bar and outdoor areas via themed promotional videos, table designs or simply communicated by the waiter


”We know table service is a big part of the experience in fine-dining restaurants. However, there are many scenarios where someone going to the table, for example, to offer another drink – can be streamlined with mobile ordering. It is proven that guests of all ages embrace digital technology in their daily lives, which should be no exception in high-end establishments. Guests like having the ability to take control of their own experience but they will expect a seamless, unique mobile service when paying top-dollar in a fine-dining establishment, so invest wisely into a flexible platform and integrate your brand, unique experience, and values into the mobile experience. Put simply, wi-Q enables guests to order whatever they want whenever they want, quickly and seamlessly – a service that can help high-end establishments take their offering to the next level.”– Patience Tucker CEO at wi-Q


wi-Q clients who have embraced the digital journey have seen a 30-70% uplift in order values, boosted by customer engagement, real-time offers and strong marketing strategies.

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